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Why Automate your Post Room?

Accelerate business processes, improve customer satisfaction and reduce running costs with post room automation

One of the main challenges enterprises face is managing the variety and volume of digital and paper documents they receive on a daily basis.  From letters, forms and faxes, through to invoices, contracts and emails, reviewing, routing and prioritising inbound information absorbs a huge amount of company time and resources.

As well as time and manpower, intensive traditional post room methods are often error-prone causing problems due to missing and misdirected paperwork. Such issues lead to slow response times, frustrated customers and suppliers. To retain customer loyalty in this digital age reducing customer effort is critical. A study* of 75,000 consumers by advisory firm Corporate Executive Board (CEB) shows that 94% of customers who have a low-effort service experience (i.e. have their problem solved quickly and easily) will re-purchase from the same company.

To manage the daily flood of data – in turn boosting efficiency and customer loyalty – an increasing number of government and private enterprises are implementing high-performance digital post room solutions, effectively switching their post room from ‘manual’ to ‘auto pilot’.  But what is a digital post room and how can it benefit your business?

What is Post Room Automation?Digital Post Room

Post Room Automation (also known as Digital Post Room / Mailroom) uses ‘Capture to Process technology to automatically capture, analyse and process incoming mail, transforming manual mail processing into a single, central automated workflow.

Comprising advanced, accurate capture software, Digital Post Room solutions are capable of handling a high volume of data types including hard copy paper documents and digital documents, such as emails, images and excel files. The software then classifies each document type (by identifying relevant keywords and applying specific business rules) before forwarding the document to the appropriate internal contact or department for processing.

The solution can be rolled out centrally or across multiple site locations, allowing companies to consistently and reliably capture and share business-critical information no matter where it enters the organisation.

What are the benefits of Digital Post Room?

Digitising inbound mail via automation software offers significant benefits, including:

Increased business process efficiency – instant, accurate distribution of inbound documents maximises efficiency and increases employee productivity.

Enhanced customer service – enables faster response times improving service levels to customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders.

Reduced costs – eliminates the need for manual processing and distribution of post cutting HR and postage spend.

Automatic data capture – reduces error-prone and time consuming manual data entry.

Improved environmental credentials – less paper, reducing a company’s environmental impact.

Secure, central document control – protects against missing and duplicate paperwork and allows fast, easy document retrieval for agents answering phone and online queries.

Which industries use Digital Post Rooms?

Enterprises that receive large amounts of multi-format data daily, such as Councils, Insurance, Financial and Healthcare providers are using mailroom automation to unify and improve the quality of their services.

Councils have instigated digital post rooms to capture, manage and distribute large volumes of paper documentation they receive.  Using automation software, post room employees now scan, index and convert documents to pdf before sending them on to the relevant departments digitals. Councils have reported many benefits from the move including; consolidating mailrooms functions, faster turnaround of services and a reduction in storage to archive paper documents.

How we can help?

At AAC Systems we have delivered cost-effective mail automation systems to many organisations throughout the UK, enabling them to convert high volumes of inbound daily data into accessible digital information.

To find out how we can streamline your post processing cycle, contact our digital post room specialists here or call us now on 01628 421569.

*Source: CEB Publication, 2013 ‘The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty’

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