Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures, or e-signatures, are the electronic equivalent of a written signature and they are fast becoming a standard part of many business processes today.

The Challenge

From on-boarding new customers and opening accounts to completing loan applications and more, signatures are required to complete many transactions. The signature captures your customers’ intent and signifies that they have agreed to the presented terms and conditions.

Customers accept the need for the process and value the implied security, but there is no denying that the traditional paper-based process can be cumbersome. In addition to delivering a less than ideal customer experience, paper-based processes slow down business, costing time and productivity.

How AAC Systems can help

E-signature technology helps your organisation become more efficient with friction-free, fluid processes, enriching the customer experience and increasing customer retention. More and more companies, across a variety of industries are embracing e-signature technology as an opportunity to transform the customer experience.E-Signatures

AAC Systems will enable you to add e-signature capability to any business process, thereby delighting the customer with a secure, convenient and fully digital process during interactions such as opening a new account, applying for a loan, and virtually any other business transaction that requires a signature.

When deployed across mobile and traditional devices, e-signature technology significantly improves your organisation’s efficiency resulting in a better customer experience.

Those business lines that qualify well for an e-signature solution include:

  • Heavily paper-based processes
  • Where a signature is required
  • Higher value transactions
  • An increase in compliance and security
  • Improving cycle time
  • Going paperless
  • Enhancing the Customer Experience

Benefits of Electronic Signatures

By implementing an E-Signature solution the business will benefit from:

  • Lower Operational Cost – say goodbye to the printing, postage, storage and handling costs that are associated with paper documents.
  • Accelerated time to revenue – shorten cycle times by sending and receiving electronic forms with digital signatures so business processes complete sooner than ever before.
  • Increased Efficiency – by removing manual steps. Customers can sign electronically on any device, anywhere, for operational cost reductions, productivity increases, and improved compliance— creating a leaner, more agile organisation.
  • Better Customer Experience – printing, signing and returning documents is no longer necessary. E-signatures exceed customer expectations by enabling transactions to be carried out faster from any location.
  • Legally Binding documents – electronically and digitally signed documents uniquely capture signature biometrics, so the signer cannot repudiate later.


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