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Are you looking for an email importer solution for your business? AAC Systems can provide you with software to automate email capture, allowing you to effectively manage your documents, tracing their movements throughout your business.

The Challenge:

Email is now the standard and usually the preferred method of communication between organisations and their customers, suppliers and colleagues. According to the Email Statistics Report (2013-2017) issued by research firm, The Radicati Group, the number of sent and received daily business emails is expected to grow by 7 per cent to 132.1 billion by 2017 from a total of 100.5 billion in 2013.

With so many emails being sent, businesses can find the volumes difficult to manage.  If they concern critical business activities such as orders, invoices and customer correspondence it is Email Importer Solutionsimperative that they are processed quickly. Businesses that manually classify and forward emails to relevant departments & processes are wasting time opening emails and checking attachments and performing manual data entry into line of business applications.  This extra data entry step also increases the risk of errors being introduced into business systems.

Further delays and potential errors are also introduced while manually managing exceptions such as missing information, mis-routing emails and converting attachments into standard formats.

How AAC Systems’ can help:

AAC Systems have long been involved in scanning and extracting data from hard copy sources, but in this digital age more and more data stays in electronic form while being transferred in a variety of ways. Applying the same capture and extraction techniques AAC can automate the capture, extraction, manipulation and processing of digital documents and data.

Using our solutions your business can process documents from electronic sources such as email, fax, file shares or web services, routing the inbound electronic content to specific process-ready formats and further accelerating business transactions.

By classifying incoming emails and attachments the relevant data can be automatically extracted and validated from the header, body text and any attachments. The captured information can then be routed directly into an ECM, CRM, ERP or other business application for immediate, appropriate processing while images can be routed into an archive for corporate compliance purposes.

A popular use case is within our Automated Accounts Payable solutions.

The Benefits of an Email Importer:

AAC Systems can extend the capture platform by easily adding any electronic document to the process enabling you and your business to achieve the following benefits:

Increased Speed – Capture documents and information more quickly, accelerating business processes for faster response times.

Improved Productivity – Automate and streamline incoming electronic document routing and processing.

Improved Quality – Reduce labour intensive manual input and associated data errors and eliminating exceptions in information-intensive business processes.

Reduced Costs – Lower processing costs per customer contact and reduce instances of expensive internal manual errors.

Increase visibility – Better view of business processes by providing chain of custody.

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