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AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutions - Process Automation IconThe Challenge:

Web data is ever expanding — it includes data from web applications such as portals, communities, websites, collaborative apps and, of course, the social web. To remain competitive it is important that every source is monitored for valuable information which provides insights about products, customers, competitors, market trends and the wider business landscape.

The problem is that web data is often unstructured, rapidly changing and spread across a growing number of disparate web applications and portals. The complexity of accessing web data for profitable use is daunting as traditional integration methods do not apply. This has created a major barrier for leveraging the full potential of this data and organisations are at risk of missing out on countless game-changing business opportunities.

How AAC Systems can help:

Access to web data and the monitoring of real-time information available on blogs, customer review sites, video and photo portals and other social media outlets, can deliver significant competitive advantages via a 360 degree view of the customer, predictive insight into market trends and detailed understanding of competitors’ strategies. Companies that embrace it will better engage with their customers, respond to market changes more effectively and accelerate top line growth.

AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutions - Capture PlusAAC Systems helps organisations to  automatically acquire all this valuable information and deliver it straight to marketing teams, driving more targeted campaigns and branding strategies or in the form of new leads generated through prospects’ commentary on social channels, distributed directly into the hands of sales reps.

Companies across industries from retail to media and entertainment, hospitality and telecommunications can leverage this information to reach higher levels of customer satisfaction and provide better, more targeted products and services. By leveraging AAC’s Web Capture tool, all this information can be easily and, most importantly, rapidly integrated giving you a complete, accurate and fresh view of overall brand sentiment and competitive position.

With AAC Systems you will be able to automatically extract, transform, integrate and migrate data from virtually any source on the web including web front-ends, web service APIs, databases, files, spreadsheets, PDF’s, Word documents, XML, and many more data formats, in the cloud or across the enterprise, to virtually anywhere, without requiring APIs.

The Benefits:

AAC Systems can extend the capture platform by adding easily any electronic document to the process enabling you and your business to achieve the following benefits:

Fresh Insights – Real-time data collection, providing up-to-date insights on what’s happening in the marketplace.

Better Decisions – Access and extract data from websites, portals and web applications to combine it with internal data for better, more informed decision making.

Flexibility – Define and dynamically update data access and collection strategies regardless of the data source or format.

Single Platform – One product that extracts, transforms, validates and integrates your data.

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