2nd June 2016 Posted by David Chescoe

Simplifying and Streamlining Customer Interaction with Mobile Data Capture

Improve your customer experience and build loyalty with cutting-edge, real-time mobile data capture systems

The way customers interact with companies has become increasingly complex. Customers may engage several times with a company via multiple channels prior to making a decision to purchase.  For document-intensive industries, such as banking and insurance, which require substantial personal documentation before entering a customer relationship, ensuring initial interactions are as smooth and non-onerous as possible is critical for creating a positive brand experience and earning customers’ trust.

To enhance the customer experience at this and other major customer touchpoints, more companies are turning to mobile data capture technology. Mobile data capture platforms allow customers and business users to scan, process and deliver important data from their mobile device, providing a smart, ‘self-service’ way to open accounts, submit claims data and make financial transactions.

As well as allowing businesses to react to customers quickly and reduce operational costs, public opinion shows that providing mobile ‘self-service’ functionality is a key way to increase customer satisfaction.  According to the 2015 Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report*, 90% of consumers now expect a brand or organisation to offer a self-service customer support portal. Furthermore, 60% of consumers have a more favourable view of the brand if their self-service offering is mobile-responsive.

What is Mobile Data Capture?

Mobile Data Capture solutions turn camera-equipped mobile devices into image and document capture devices. This allows users to instantly capture data when they want, wherever they are via their preferred device i.e. smartphone or tablet.

Mobile capture solutions work via information capture and image processing software on the mobile device.  Multiple mobile capture technologies can be installed and each has the capability to validate information ranging from, photos to videos.

What are the advantages of Mobile Data Capture?

1. Better Customer Experience – simplifies and streamlines everyday data capture processes, creating a richer customer experience and reducing lead times
2. Increased Mobile Capabilities – enables information to be extracted from images, bar codes and videos allowing customers and business users to do more via their mobile, such as, on-board new customers, open a new account, pay a bill, verify ID documents and more
3. Reduces Manual Data Entry – reduces or eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming manual paper-based processing
4. Competitive Advantage – gives customers access to more of a company’s services and the freedom to interact with a company when and how they choose, raising customer satisfaction and delivering a visible competitive advantage
5.  Advanced Analytics – delivers greater insight to customer behaviour allowing companies to optimise their customer service.


Who is using Mobile Data Capture?

Mobile data capture software’s versatility means it is used across a wide variety of industries for a variety of different applications. Retail banks and other financial service providers are increasingly turning to mobile data capture and the apps it drives to validate and verify customer ID documents, helping to simplify account enrolments and loan applications. A major bank in the UK is currently piloting a new app which will allow customers to pay in cheques remotely via a mobile cheque imaging app.

The insurance industry – well known for requiring a high volume of customer data – has also implemented mobile data capture solutions to streamline policy applications and the claims handling process.  Instant capture of patient forms and documents is also proving hugely beneficial for healthcare providers, providing accurate, accessible health records. But it’s not just revolutionising customer-facing processes; mobile data capture software is re-shaping internal businesses processes too, for example, data management – employees in the field can capture and share data with colleagues and expenses management – capturing receipts and submitting expenses reports.


How can AAC Systems help?

If you want to gain a competitive edge by offering your customers a ‘self-service’ experience, speak to AAC Systems about mobile data capture solutions. Find out more about using image enabling mobile apps and benefitting from better real-time customer engagement, raised customer satisfaction and greater operational efficiency.

To find out how we can transform your customers’ experience, call AAC System’s data capture specialists today on 01628 421569.

Parature, 2015 Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report:

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