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AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutions - Information Management IconThe Challenge:

Many organisations today have accumulated multiple Enterprise Content Management systems (ECM) or Document Management systems (DM) as a result of mergers, re-organisations and localised solutions. Business has become more collaborative than ever before and this has led to additional Systems of Engagement that will overlay and complement Systems of Record (typical ECM & DM Systems). With so many data repositories business information must be replicated throughout each one while ensuring that there are no inconsistencies or redundancies.

As business data is captured the ability to be able to identify, map and enrich all the content across the various repositories becomes very labour intensive, with end users manually re-keying the same data into disparate systems. Where metadata is missing or non-standard there can be exceptions in the process. This is why effective document management software is so crucial to the continued growth of many businesses.

Large portions of the information generated today is unstructured and user generated – living in blogs, wiki discussions, customer support forums, product review sites, etc. Gathering this information is one problem but indexing this content meaningfully is another. Existing Data Harvesting tools do not offer an easy way to enrich the content by applying metadata based on rules that are meaningful to your business and will ensure the best search results.

How AAC Systems’ can help:

AAC Systems helps information-driven organisations to nimbly acquire, enhance, and deliver information from any source—from hard to integrate enterprise applications to structured and AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutionsunstructured information from the web. By giving business users access to information previously difficult to reach without significant manual work, AAC empowers the enterprise to automate information driven processes and make smarter, insightful decisions.

AAC solves the above challenges by opening up access to any internal or external content sources; providing a platform that makes it easy to enrich content with metadata attributes that are meaningful to its intended audience. Using a Synthetic API technology, an organisation can enrich legacy and unstructured content without relying on manual processes, custom scripting, or connectors. In minutes you can gain access to any information sources, and create the rich metadata needed to improve business processes and customer engagements.

The Benefits:

AAC Systems can extend the capture platform by easily adding any electronic document to the process enabling you and your business to achieve these benefits :

Operational Performance – Capture and enhance business information quickly, accelerating business processes for faster response times.

Improved Agility – Improve business and IT agility by leveraging a wide range of data sources and types

Increase visibility – Derive critical new insights for business agility and growth.

Strengthen Customer Relationships – Show customers that you are on top of your information and using it to yours and their advantage.

Enrich Data – extract content and metadata from the source, and connect with other sources to acquire additional document metadata and classification information.

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