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AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutions - Information Management IconThe Challenge:

Organisations on average manage two or more Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Document Management (DM) or Records Management (RM) systems according to a survey conducted by AIIM (May, 2013). This means that business data is spread across these multiple disparate systems and replicated where required, to make the same data accessible from different points. Moreover with the move from Systems of Record (SoR) to Systems of Engagement (SoE) data must be kept consistent between systems and easily located when searched for.

Timely access to critical information provides competitive advantage in today’s economy. Most information is considered to be “mission critical” and an organisation’s most important asset. Therefore the inability to find that information is a major impediment for employees and can severely disrupt the business. Launching an enterprise-wide search application can be an overwhelming task, especially for organisations with a multitude of sources and repositories and strict levels of security or content access control.

How AAC Systems can help:

AAC Systems provides an agile, scalable solution that makes it easy to access content and automatically enrich it with metadata based on specific business logic rules. Combining this with your AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutionscompany’s capture solution means that data can be validated and where matched, can be enriched before being submitted to SoR or SoE.

For captured and stored data AAC can flexibly map access control information from the content source, or apply access control business logic to content, ensuring that corporate security access policies are enforced. Sensitive or proprietary information can also be automatically stripped out before results are displayed to the user.

The platform scales to support the most demanding Enterprise Search projects. Its automation browser can handle dynamic websites, access SQL or NoSQL databases and extract data from Excel, PDF, RSS feeds, APIs, REST services, and other standard formats. It is the perfect complement to your enterprise search technology; providing rapid access to the content sources you need, and creating fully enriched feeds to those who need it.

The Benefits:

AAC Systems can extend the capture platform by adding easily any electronic document to the process enabling you and your business to achieve these benefits:

Improve User Search Experience – Users can easily seek the information they need from anywhere, in any format, from anywhere inside their company.

Improved Productivity – Getting the right information at the right time cuts down on wasted time performing long trial-and-error searches.

Increase visibility and searchability – Users don’t just find, they discover through other related results from a single search.

Better Control  – ensure that enterprise resources are not being used to store inappropriate or unlicensed content.


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