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Is your business struggling to keep up with the influx of correspondence from a variety of different sources? Are you looking for an electronic document handling solution for your issue? AAC System has their own digital mailroom software – The Intelligent Post Room. The Intelligent Post Room is a document scanning solution to help your business effectively manage its documents such as cheques, letters, emails and forms.

The Challenge:

Every day, organisations receive high volumes of various types of documents through the post, fax and email that launch different internal business processes.Reviewing and interpreting these documents, entering data from them, AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutions - Post Trayand forwarding them on to others for further processing consumes company time and resources, which increases operating costs and negatively impacts customer and supplier responsiveness.

Organisations from virtually every sector face significant challenges in getting and disseminating information in the most timely, efficient and accurate manner possible. These are just a few scenarios which will sound familiar to many organisations:

  • An insurance claim has been submitted, but it’s not yet in the adjudication system. Customer service will not be able to help when the customer calls.
  • A bank’s underwriting department is waiting for a customer document to approve the mortgage loan. The customer sent the fax successfully but it cannot be located, resulting in delays.
  • An invoice has been received by the Accounts Payable department but it is not being evaluated for payment. Potential discounts are lost, and relationships with vendors may suffer.
  • A customer wants to place an order but is withholding it because there is an unanswered complaint sitting in the mailroom. No one is even aware that the problem exists.

AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutions - Intelligent CaptureHow AAC Systems’ can help:

AAC Systems’ offer an Intelligent Post Room solution that automates the capture of all incoming mail, whether it is delivered on paper, in an email, email attachment or via fax. The ‘Digital Mailroom’ converts it into structured electronic information which can be delivered to workflow processes, business systems and content repositories.

Using the Intelligent Post Room solution to scan & import incoming business mail. A document scanning solution like this can determine the  type of document and relevant data to lift from a page and business rules applied for processing, routing and storage of the data.

The Benefits:

By implementing the Intelligent Post Room solution, organisations benefit from:

  • Better customer and supplier service through accelerated and more efficient inquiry handling
  • Reduced processing costs through the elimination of manual labour to sort incoming mail and extract information
  • Fewer processing exceptions through increased information accuracy. Humans typically misclassify 1-in-20 documents, and manual data entry errors are common
  • Reduced risk of compliance failure through provision of a single, secure auditable process for capture of all incoming mail
  • Increased capacity through the reduction of manual mail handling, allowing organisations to process more documents without increasing headcount
  • Increased productivity through the reduction of mail handling, allowing knowledge workers to focus on activities that align with strategic objectives, such as customer and supplier service.


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