Sales Order Processing

AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutions - Intelligent Capture IconThe Challenge:

Being able to capture and process sales orders accurately, efficiently and satisfactory is a goal that most businesses have set themselves. However there are a number of factors that can impact this, the worst of which must be manual processing errors. Delays and errors cost time and money, can result in customer dissatisfaction and if goods returns and replacements are involved, can seriously affect the bottom line.

Today’s world never stops, with paper-based and email orders arriving at any time of the day and night, and in a variety of formats. Keeping on top of orders and amendments can be tricky with multiple channels to manage.  It can be hard to ensure nothing is missed or held up in the process.

How AAC Systems can help:

Multi-channel input is now commonplace and includes; Website, Email, Fax, Paper, EDI and Mobile Applications. AAC’s Automated Sales Order Processing Solutions can monitor multiple sources and import orders from each of them, consolidating all order traffic into a single line of processing.

AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutions - SalesAutomating the capture of a sales order, extracting the data from it and sending it through for processing has the potential to cut lead times for customers and cut costs for suppliers. With AAC’s solutions, customers can be sent Order Acknowledgements, automated order validation can take place and any exceptions that require attention can be flagged to an operator for correction before being submitted to the order processing system.

The Benefits:

Some of the benefits realised through our Automated Sales Order Processing solution include;

Multi-channel sales orders through a single process – A single solution to automatically capture any number of inputs and formats for processing.

Revenue cycle is accelerated – Shorter processing times with minimal human interaction and cost.

A sales order processing system gives you control over the Sales Process, Improved order handling, and visibility of your sales order processing.

Satisfied Customers – Happy customers lead to repeat business and referrals.

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