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All companies, large or small, public or private battle to win new customers on a daily basis. But often the new customer on-boarding process is cumbersome, lengthy, ties staff up for considerable periods and does not deliver the best customer experience.

Customer on-boarding processes require a variety of supporting documents in both paper and electronic forms, and, increasingly, customers wish to use their channel of choice (mobile, email, web, mail, etc.) to provide these documents and information which is critical to the new account opening process. Documents such as passports, driving licenses and utility bills are required as proof of identity and residency and, in addition, customers also expect personalised, automated follow-up to show the process is moving forward.

The same is also true for employee and supplier on-boarding, similar processes are adhered to in order to successfully on-board a new supplier or employee with different forms and proofs of ID required.

How AAC Systems’ can help:

AAC Systems enables all types of companies to efficiently gain customers and open new accounts while building trust through automated follow-up communications – enabling staff to spend AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutions - Process Automationmore time with stakeholders and less time working with paper.

The solution creates high-quality electronic images of required documents, accurately extracts data from them then integrates workflow capabilities within the organisation connecting relevant information systems. This enables employees at local branches or customer service centres to automatically capture all relevant documents from their customers, validate them and send the information to back-end systems for immediate processing.

By combining multichannel capture, dynamic workflows and a flexible system integration capability, AAC Systems is able to automate and accelerate the on-boarding process for any business. The solution is designed to improve a company’s ability to bring customers, employees and suppliers on-board quickly and efficiently while positively impacting the relationship.

Benefits of On-Boarding Automation:

Personalise Customer Relationships – Improve customer satisfaction with a fast, personalised on-boarding experience with timely follow-ups, using the customer’s preferred method of communication.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity – Speed processing and reduce labour costs by easily and quickly capturing the critical data and documents required to validate information.

Provide Mobile Access – Impress customers and spark sales with fast, hassle-free account openings using touchless processing of enrolment forms and timely, interactive communications through multiple channels and mobile devices.

Reduce Operational Costs – Enhance the bottom line with streamlined business flows to reduce costly, labour-intensive, on-boarding tasks using advanced capture, auto-classification and workflow technologies.

Increase Revenue and Maximise Profitability – Accelerate business-critical processes, shorten sales cycles and improve communication to increase competitiveness and profits.

Increase Data Access, Integration and Compatibility – Leverage data from multiple ECM, BPM, and workflow applications throughout the enterprise.

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