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The Human Resource Department deals with all manner of issues, but the key to resolving them quickly is the same in most cases – easy access to relevant data. It’s no secret that HR teams suffer from lack of resources, budget, and on numerous occasions are understaffed. A successful department must be able to function with limited resources. Automated forms processing is designed to help streamline the information collected by data capture forms, allowing businesses automate the form scanning process. This improved efficiency and removes the chance of human error.

Increasing regulatory requirements are causing the number and variety of mandatory active human resources records to skyrocket. These, in turn, feed burgeoning inactive HR record back-files – especially for multi-location AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutions - Human Resourcesand multi-national companies. Rapid access to comprehensive HR records goes hand-in-hand with compliance audits and workforce transformations, as well as responding to legal challenges such as eDiscovery.

AAC Systems’ Data Capture and Information Management tools help HR departments reduce paperwork, maximise space and protect  employees’ data with streamlined HR processes.  Forms processing software provides the storage, retrieval, and analysis tools required to deal with employment issues and improve departmental efficiency in general.

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