Health Checks

Kofax Health Checks, License Usage and Business Needs


An important part of any new or updated system implementation is making sure it stays in tip-top condition, has the resources it needs going forward and stays aligned to the needs of the business. This is where health checks come in.


Over time, logs files can record tell-tale signs of issues developing, not always to do with a component of the system but perhaps as part of the infrastructure on which the system replies.


Health checks need to be made on whether sufficient licensing is in place for the actual use of the system – compared to the anticipated use of the system.


Additionally, business needs continue to change and evolve.  The requirements definition of last year may not match the needs of the business next year.


For these reasons AAC Systems offers a Kofax Health Check Service designed to find situations before they become issues.


A thorough system audit often takes less than a day and will produce a report with recommendations designed to ensure the system performs well now and into the future.


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Kofax Health Check

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