3rd October 2016 Posted by David Chescoe

Web-based document capture – digitising documents anytime, anywhere

The power of web based capture delivers flexible, cost effective and efficient solutions

Web based document capture, also known as cloud capture or thin client capture, is a game changer for document capture in this digital age.

Web capture solutions have been designed to allow users to easily scan, index and submit documents from their desktops, business laptops and even tablets. Thin client applications are quick, inexpensive and easy to manage, compared to installing software onto PC’s or other devices.Web based document capture

Web based capture technology addresses several challenges, in particular, for larger organisations with multiple locations. In the past, documents had to be routed to a central location for processing, therefore there were transport network costs and time delays, not to mention many more employees being involved in the process. With web-based capture, companies can reduce costs, increase revenue and improve response times to customers and/or suppliers.

Benefits of Web based Document Capture

Bringing advanced scan and capture functionality to the individual is one of the primary benefits of web-based capture.
Further features and benefits include:
•    The use of any TWAIN or ISIS scanning sources
•    Validation controls to ensure documents and data are consistently captured
•    Instant integration with line of business applications
•    Central deployment of updates and changes to Scan Jobs
•    Easy extraction of data resulting in a reduction of clerical errors
•    Lower cost of support and maintenance

Robert Palmer, chief analyst and a managing partner for BPO Media, makes an interesting point in his article on web based capture, “Web-based capture is beginning to gain significant traction in the enterprise market. It is interesting when you consider the high percentage of business applications that have already moved to Web-based platforms today, primarily for the benefits of reduced implementation costs, increased flexibility, and better productivity. Nevertheless, only a small percentage of companies currently use Web-based technology for scanning. The same benefits achieved with other Web-based business processes would certainly apply to scanning and document capture.”

In an article written by Kodak Alaris they have identified that “Today, 87% of business applications are web-based, yet only 2% of firms use web technology for document scanning”.

There is a solution for each business context but it’s clear that web-based capture is about to grow smarter and better, as digital solutions and the cloud make it all more powerful, secure and easier to use.

About Kodak Alaris

Kodak Alaris is a Document Hardware and Software specialist vendor that helps organisations capture content from digital and paper sources, extract insights, and deliver the right information to the right place at the right time for better outcomes.

InfoInput by Kodak Alaris is a web based capture solution that enables businesses to operate more efficiently and ensure information is available faster and where it is needed. Users can scan or capture documents via desktop or mobile devices, then index and submit documents to, and from within, business applications and archive systems.

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