1st December 2016 Posted by David Chescoe

Cloud-Based Document Capture

Cloud-based document capture – digitising documents anytime, anyplace, anywhere and across multiple device types.


Cloud-based capture, also known as cloud capture or web capture, is a game changer for document scanning in this digital age. With state-of-the-art scanning and validation, the power of web-based capture delivers flexible, cost effective and efficient business processes.


10 Good Reasons to choose a cloud based capture system


Simplicity – Cloud based capture needs little infrastructure, with the majority of the application being web-browser and mobile-capture based.

Ease of use – at the office, remotely or out in the field, a web-based system is quick and easy to implement and use.

Speed – High-speed scanning is possible with real-time image display, indexing, and even barcode recognition. Ideal for mission- and time-critical activities.

Mobility – Select a workflow on a smart device, phone or tablet, then capture the information by taking a picture of a document and indexing it at the point of capture (or choose to do this later).

Flexibility – with a customisable interface, the system is focused to the task, and can be tailored and adjusted to suit changing business needs.

Low-cost – There’s minimal change to your existing infrastructure, just a capture solution tuned to the demands of the business.

Accuracy & Safety – The system is pre-configured to automatically route information into your business workflows correctly and securely, reducing the opportunity for human error.

Integration – Optionally, thin client capture can be embedded into your business applications, enabling users to scan from within the processes and systems they already know and use every day.

Multi-device options – Employees will have a familiar experience whether using scanners, smart devices, MFD’s or other capture channels.

Scalability – Users can be added, removed or transferred between system configurations depending on the needs of the business at any given time.

Cloud-Based Document Capture


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