System Training proactively resolves user concerns, empowers people to help themselves and reduces impact on internal IT resources.

AAC Systems offer up-to-date and tailored training for individuals and departments. Every course is meticulously structured and presented to meet the demanding needs of today’s modern business environment.

Whether a new joiner, an experienced user with new needs, an end user department or an advanced technical team, AAC offers courses and workshops to suit the purpose.

Training events are usually held on the customer’s premises working with their particular system processes and education needs.

Each workshop or event is geared to a specific brief and based on the following principles;

  1. Ask People What They Want to Know

We gather information from managers and attendees in advance of the training to establish the objectives and find out what questions people are hoping to see addressed. Every scenario that our trainers prepare for prior to an event provides an opportunity to help someone use the system to solve a problem.

  1. Organise Different Events for Different Audience Groups

Staff have different roles and levels of expertise. We organise different training events for Technical staff compared to End User staff.  Also, end users may have different responsibilities and needs, for example an Administration User compared to a Day to Day End User.

Pairing a quick learner with a person who may need some extra guidance typically creates a beneficial mentoring situation which helps build confidence and performance.

  1. Hands-On

Training can be fun and interactive. We engage attendees by integrating frequent hands-on exercises that complement instruction. After explaining a concept, we immediately introduce an opportunity for practice. Specific practice scenarios are identified for attendees, then we step back and provide learners time to experiment. This is a great catalyst for staff asking each other questions and gaining more in-depth knowledge. Once the exercise is complete, we bring the group back together for a brief recap of the key points about a feature or function. If a participant wants to provide the summary, even better!

  1. Ground Rules

Staff time is valuable. When people spend time away from their desk, it is important that they obtain the most from the training. To help staff concentrate on the training material, we suggest sending trainees a list of ground rules encouraging attendees to mute or switch off mobiles, avoid checking emails, and resist interruptions such as dropping in and out of events to take calls, deliveries, or participate in other meetings. Taking these steps to maintain a supportive learning environment will allow everyone to make the most of the training and retain their new skills.

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