System and Scanner Maintenance

System Maintenance


New systems are generally installed with the latest software versions so that everything is up to date on Day 1.  However, to keep things in good order, a program of system and scanner maintenance is essential.


Naturally enough, as new versions of software are released, existing systems can fall behind and become out of date and miss out on the potential benefits of new facilities included in the later versions.


Ultimately, if some level of system maintenance isn’t performed then the version of software in use can become a legacy version and not work with, for example, new operating systems.


At the same time, it is quite common for Service Packs and Fix Packs to be issued by the software vendors in between version releases to rectify faults and add new facilities.


To understand more about how AAC Systems can help prevent systems becoming ‘out of support’ please call.



Scanner Maintenance


Document scanners are a vital piece of equipment in post rooms, departmental offices and elsewhere in a business.  Like all mechanical devices they need servicing and cleaning.


Through daily use, particles of paper dust build up, staples and sometimes paperclips can fall into the scanner potentially scratching the glass surfaces and camera lens and damaging other moving parts.


All of these factors can contribute to a deterioration in image quality at the very least and in worse cases cause extreme damage making the scanner uneconomical to repair.


More usually it’s when paper jams and mis-feeds occur that it could be time to fit new feed and separation rollers, give the scanner a thorough clean – inside and out – and recalibrate it to ensure optimum image quality and reliability.


AAC Systems offers various levels of scanner maintenance and servicing, from an annual PM visit (Preventative Maintenance) to on-site, same day support for business-critical operations.


To understand more about how AAC Systems can help prevent poor image quality and scanners failing please call.

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