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Every business has a vast amount of documentation they receive, review and process each day. Whether this is in paper or electronic form, crucial working hours are spent completing menial tasks at a high cost with the overhanging risk of human error. This is where Intelligent Document Processing comes in.

Bring intelligence to capturing forms data

Trying to extract the correct data from thousands of forms manually can be stressful. By processing forms faster, you gain the ability to respond to customers more quickly and handle more valuable information faster.

Intelligent document processing removes this struggle by capturing the information and providing a platform for you to pick and choose which data you want to extract, empowering you to react faster.

AAC Systems offer a data capture solution that can automate forms capture, content extraction and provide document capture solutions to process all your incoming forms intelligently.

Automate and streamline information ready for processing

Providing a document capture and data extraction platform, AAC Systems can help streamline the transformation of different form types into clearly structured electronic information.

So how does intelligent document processing work?

By implementing our assisted and automated document classification system, forms can be separated and sorted ready for data to be extracted.

Examples of the variety of document and information types that can be processed are shown below.

Document Types

  • Application / On-Boarding formsForms proccesing
  • Renewal forms
  • Despatch notes / Proof of Delivery
  • Research documents
  • Questionnaires
  • Surveys
  • Handwritten forms
  • Email Capture
  • Data Capture Forms


Information Types

  • Machine Print
  • Signatures
  • Check Boxes
  • Bar codes
  • Electronic images

How can intelligent document processing benefit your business?

Information can be sent and received at any time via a wide range of methods, it is crucial that businesses can process the incoming data in line with their defined rules and time frames.

There is an ever-increasing pressure on businesses to process sales order forms, reviews, customer surveys, contractual documents, and use the relevant information to drive business growth. With Intelligent forms capture, you can achieve –

Speed – With our forms processing software, documents and information can be captured and processed more quickly, accelerating business processes and driving insights.

Productivity – Automation broadens the scope of the amount of documentation that a business can capture easily and offer the opportunity to do more with the information already stored.

Reduced cost – Removing the need for manual labour enables significant savings on employee costs as well as savings on office space and maintenance costs.

Quality – While automation can eliminate human error, it also provides a platform to view and assess the information stored.

Return on Investment – With an AAC Intelligent form process in place, your business can build and utilise more document transformation projects without the stress of more work or investment.

How AAC Systems can help:

AAC Systems offer an automated document capture and data extraction platform that helps streamline the transformation of different document types into structured electronic information, ready for delivery into business systems and processes. We replace slow, manual, error-prone and expensive document sorting, filing and data entry activities with assisted and automated document classification, separation and data extraction; which in turn significantly reduce labour costs, improve productivity and information quality while accelerating throughput of data collection in support of business decisions and related processes. Not only can we apply this to paper document scanning, but also to emails and many other electronic formats.

To discuss the forms that you wish to intelligently capture, please contact AAC Systems Ltd.

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