Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is here and now.

Many organisations are reviewing their traditional ways of working and looking to innovate and embrace better, faster and more cost-effective ways of running their businesses.

There are very good reasons for doing this.  Digital Transformation helps companies to:

  • Improve business agility and responsiveness with better access to information
  • Increase customer, supplier and employee satisfaction
  • Gain visibility into trends and patterns by improving insights from data
  • Increase operational efficiency with streamlined processes
  • Ensure best practice workflows
  • Manage information growth and scale on-demand

Digital Transformation is not just about technology, it is far more effective when combined with;

  • Experiences – Understanding the customer (or supplier) journey and expectations should be the basis of any technology investment. Instead of asking customers to change to fit new processes, perhaps losing them altogether in the process, understand the key things they are looking for, such as a faster, error-free service.
  • People – Companies that invest in their staff, commit to their development and respect their ideas build a loyalty that makes change management much easier to realise within the business, thereby supporting transformation.
  • Change – Transformation means change. Communicate the businesses plans and needs to staff and develop a strategy to encourage change. Provide the necessary tools and environment for employees to embrace and succeed in this change. Doing this effectively can bring improved job satisfaction, productivity and loyalty.
  • Innovation – This could be the differences that increase customer satisfaction or differentiates an offering in the market. Innovation should be constant, always working to advance products or services. Innovation also drives digital transformation forward by allowing an open space for problem-solving when the going gets tough.
  • Leadership – the CEO should not only be involved, he or she should lead it, looking for things coming down the pipeline. As technology moves quickly, there is no time to wait. As a leader, you should also bring order, instead of going with the flow. Don’t just follow the digital transformation crowd – lead it.
  • Culture – The above five elements together should form your culture. Digital transformation cannot thrive without the right business culture. By creating an environment where employee and customer experiences are understood, where people matter most, change is planned for and innovation takes centre stage, you will then lead your organisation into a culture where digital transformation benefits all.

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