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Automate sales order processing to make your customer journey smoother


Making a sale is only worthwhile if the after-sales process takes place in a way the customer expects.

Delays and errors as a result of a manual process can be costly, questioning whether that customer will return or not.

Customers expect to be able to obtain products and services quickly. Having a process in place to capture every sale and collating them without error is essential to the longevity of that customer relationship.

AAC Systems provide a solution where order validations and acknowledgements can be sent instantly.  The solution also flags any orders that require attention, putting you ahead of the game when competing with companies that follow a manual process.

Having an efficient sales order process can expand the way your business sells.

Sales orders can come in many different forms including; Web, Email, Paper and Fax.

  • With AAC’s automated sales order system, your business can capture and import orders from any of these methods into a central processing platform.
  • With this unified method of tracking and processing sales, all orders can be validated in the same way ensuring streamlined efficiency.
  • This allows your business more time to focus on areas that can drive more sales rather than the administration of order processing.

What are the Key Benefits of Automating sales order processing?

Sales order processingMulti-Channel orders – The AAC sales order solution will automatically capture and process all types of sales orders, however they arrive.

Increased revenue – With significantly reduced processing time, you have more time to spend on sales generation and growth.

Less focus on admin – With a process that requires little to no human interaction, your business will immediately save money and allow focus of resources to be directed at more valuable tasks.

Satisfied customers – Speeding up the process by automating basic admin tasks and avoiding errors ultimately leads to happier customers.


Sales Processing

How AAC Systems can help:

Multi-channel input is now commonplace and includes; Website, Email, Fax, Paper, EDI and Mobile Applications. AAC’s Automated Sales Order Processing solution can monitor multiple sources and import orders from each of them, consolidating all order traffic into a single line of processing.

AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutions - SalesAutomating the capture of a sales order, extracting the data from it and sending it through for processing has the potential to cut lead times for customers and cut costs for suppliers. With AAC’s solution, customers can be sent Order Acknowledgements, automated order validation can take place and any exceptions that require attention can be flagged to an operator for correction before being submitted to the order processing system.

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