System Integrations

Over time it is quite usual for organisations to implement different systems and functions to address different business needs.

Examples could be a CRM solution, an Order Processing system and Accounts Payable.

Individually they may all work well but need skilled employees to manage and operate them before an end-to-end business transaction process is possible.

How much better would it be to integrate the flow of data such that a new order could be validated to the CRM database, admitted to the order processing system, fulfilled and billed as a single process?

Even better if new orders could be collected automatically, validated against an online credit file and stock inventory as part of the same process, then goods be picked, packed, despatched and an invoice automatically raised?

This is where system integrations come in.  The process of linking together different computing systems and software applications to act as a coordinated whole.

AAC’s system integration services link discrete functions using a variety of techniques such as networking, application interfaces (API’s) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

The benefits of System Integrations can be expressed as;

  • Increasing value to the customer – faster service and turnaround
  • Improved service quality – readily available order status information
  • Providing value to the company – reducing operational costs & enhancing performance
  • Gearing for growth – servicing more customers without increasing resources

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