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Financial institutions need to ensure a proactive response to market opportunities and changing regulations whilst managing processes, improving customer service and increasing profitability.
Banks and mortgage and asset management providers are often swamped with client and administrative paperwork that is a burden and a challenge when improving efficiency.
AAC Systems works with financial services organisations to optimise the management of documents and data to ensure help compliance and least cost processing across enterprise-wide operations.

Benefits for Banks and Financial Companies include:

Real-time Customer Engagement
Improve response time to customers by getting results to them in near real-time; develop brand loyalty and confidence from customers, now that they’re engaged.

AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutions - Banking and FinanceSelf-Service Empowerment
Engage customers via their preferred channel and empower them to participate in any financial process.

Accelerate Revenue and Closing Time
Traditionally, processes are stopped while lenders wait for customers to provide required documentation to advance the loan process. Now the required documents can be captured anytime without delaying the process, accelerating the closing of the loan and time to revenue.

Extend to New Processes
Extend applications to support capturing of documents and data, for any engagement scenario, from the same platform (account openings, mortgage loans, etc.) to optimise the investment and deploy of multiple applications that drive revenue, improve customer engagement and facilitate competitive differentiation.

Reduce Processing Costs
Data is extracted automatically, eliminating the need for back office resources that would be tasked with manual data entry to transfer the required data into systems. Dramatically reduces hidden cost of errors arising from manual data extraction and entry.

Actionable Insights
Advanced analytics provide organisations with actionable insights into accuracy and performance of their users, devices and documents. With that information, usability can be enhanced and other improvements made to optimise the customer experience and enable right-channelling capabilities.

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