Claims Processing Automation

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Striving to process claims faster and accurately? Claims processing is very competitive, where speed, agility and accuracy in dealing with claims is the only way to sustainable business advantage.

Don’t let missing blocks of information hold you back. Often the unavailability of data can slow down the processing of claims. Also, the process is complex and requires an exchange of information between various parties – the claimant, underwriter, the insurance company, sometimes even solicitors and other third parties. A decision could be reached quickly if all the information was readily available for all parties.

Boost your claims process with automation

Sluggish claims processing can harm your reputation. Achieve faster, more efficient claims processing by:

  • Automatically capturing claims and supporting documents
  • Extracting the information from a claims form such as – claimant name, amount, claim number or claim type
  • Validating the information required to process the claim with various internal systems of records or use RPA to verify data from external sites and portals.
  • Sharing the required information with all involved parties to process and ensuring everyone is working on one version of the truth.
  • Presenting all the facts and pieces of information to the claims handler enabling easier and faster decision making.
  • Communicating with the customer throughout the process while providing relevant, up-to-date information.

Thirty-five per cent of insurers are comprehensively investing in digital technologies as part of their overall business strategy, while 29% are investing in selected business units only. Where are you in the journey of automating claims?

Develop your plan to transform claims processing and as a result, your customer experience.

Download the guide to digital transformation in insurance and claims processing.

Why claims managers love our solution?

  • Reduces admin tasks – It takes the pain away when finding information. The time lost in collecting information can now be used to analyse the case and make decisions.
  • Information sharing – Digital information can be shared with various parties quickly and easily, maintaining one version of the truth.
  • Meeting tight SLAs – Automated claims processing is faster, more efficient and has shorter turnaround times.
  • Improves the accuracy of decisions as human input errors are reduced meaning all the information captured is highly accurate.

Why your customers will love it?

  • Transparent – The communication with them is open, up to date, complete and timely.
  • Customer satisfaction improves as decisions are made faster and more fairly based on all facts.

Why CIO’s and CFO’s and Management love Claims Processing Automation?

  • Competitive edge – Enables faster, more accurate processing at a lower cost.
  • Better control and visibility – Gives control over the whole claims management process. Helps ensure all relevant claims information is present and considered.
  • Manage compliance effortlessly – Checks and alerts configurable to regulatory and organisational requirements.
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