Process Automation

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Process Automation: Increase profitability and customer satisfaction with more efficient and agile business processes.

A process is simply a set of activities and transactions that a business conducts on a regular basis. Process automation is a solution focused on continually improving agility and business performance outcomes by automating simple or complex processes such as invoice and payments processing, complaints handling, on-boarding new customers or employees, contract management and many more.

Process automation can be instantly used to simulate and automate a method that is currently time-consuming and error-prone.

Errors are inevitable with a manual process, why not eliminate them with automation?

“There is no one solution for process automation.”

Every business has its ways. Some processes can be simple (e.g. order fulfilment) or complex (e.g. new product development), short-term (e.g. employee on-boarding) or ongoing (e.g. regulatory compliance), function-specific (e.g. proposal management) or industry-specific (e.g. energy procurement). It can exist within a single department, run throughout an entire enterprise, or extend across the whole value chain (e.g. supply chain management).

Where do you start process automation?

Start Digital: Document scanning and capture is the first step that makes digital information available to automate dependent processes.Process Automation

As the next step, model your processes ‘As-is’: AAC offer the consultancy to model processes and help identify where inefficiencies arise.

Then, define the ‘To-be’ process.  This is the ideal state where unneccesary and/or duplicated tasks have been removed, the key remaining tasks are streamlined and the new process set can be visualised.

AAC’s professional services team are available throughout the project, drawing on experiences and skills, to identify the efficiency gains that can be realised through streamlining and automation.

Apply your business rules: Critical business policies and procedures are then applied to set up validation for success. AAC leverages its experience of automating various business transactions to create optimised and highly efficient business processes.

Exception handling: The percentage of exceptions is drastically reduced with process automation but programming in exception handling scenarios keeps your team prepared to handle any discrepancies and avoid process delays. Spotting these exceptions in a manual system is difficult and can be missed. With the evolution of process automation technologies such as RPA and cognitive technologies such as AI, exceptions can be handled better and reduced over time.

By automating document-driven business processes, you can achieve;

  • A reduction in processing costs
  • A more streamlined, efficient and faster business process
  • Resources freed-up for focus elsewhere on more value-added tasks
  • Making information easily accessible whilst keeping it secure
  • Reducing if not eradicating human errors

It’s time to stop worrying about manual and repetitive business tasks.

In business, many menial tasks cannot be avoided. However, the simplification of the processes can result in quick wins and demonstrable gains. With AAC process automation solutions, the stress and worry around these tasks can be eliminated.

Here are a few examples of day-to-day business processes that can be automated

  • Accounts payable approvals
  • Case management
  • Customer onboarding
  • Mortgage applications
  • Claims management
  • HR/employee management

Process Automation

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