29th February 2016 Posted by David Chescoe

7 Reasons to Replace Paper Signatures with E-Signatures


E-signatures, or secure digital document signing, have become an integral part of the business landscape, even in heavily regulated industries such as financial services, insurance and healthcare. Eliminating manual signature processes and replacing them with an e-signature solution not only improves operational efficiency, it enriches and transforms the customer experience.

Here are seven reasons e-signature technology is superior to and quickly replacing paper-based signatures.

1. E-signatures are more trustworthy than paper-based signatures.

Wet-ink signatures can be easily copied and reused without detection. Signed paper documents can also be altered without detection and without invalidating the signature. A key advantage of e-signatures is detecting whether a document has been changed post-signing and viewing the process audit trail, which includes information, such as, who signed the document and from which IP address. Users can even view the document itself at various points of the signing process.

2. E-signatures accelerate key business processes.

Paper-based processes require an organisation to manipulate and route documents, often including scanning a previous e-form back into the system once it’s been signed, all of which take a great deal of time. E-signatures bypass the need for manual interaction, exponentially accelerating processes.

3. E-signatures increase productivity.

Paper-based signature processes are cumbersome and error-prone. Vital documents are easy to lose, data can be entered incorrectly while being keyed in to other systems, and faxes may sit for hours awaiting delivery all of which increases the time for processing. Since e-signature technology streamlines the process by managing and monitoring the approval workflow, companies can increase the number of transactions completed and reduce the time spent per transaction. In other words, you can close more business, faster.

4. E-signatures eliminate paper-related costs.

Replacing manual signature processes with an e-signature solution reduces expenses related to paper stock and storage, couriers, mailing and shipping and more.

5. E-signatures accommodate today’s mobile customer.

These days, most customers expect the ability to carry out transactions whenever and wherever they are. E-signature technology facilitates a streamlined and enhanced experience for customers, empowering them to complete transactions in one fluid process, regardless of where the process is completed: brick-and mortar, online or while mobile.

6. E-signatures improve the customer experience.

An e-signature solution that supports all signature types, including click-to-sign, handwritten, fingerprint, and photograph, delivers a consistent customer experience, regardless of the business channel chosen.

7. E-signatures give you a competitive advantage.

E-signature technology increases integration among channels, significantly improves productivity and transforms the customer experience all while reducing operational costs.

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