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First impressions are always lasting. Making the start of a customer’s journey enjoyable can go a long way in driving loyalty and increasing customer lifetime value. According to the Digital Banking Report, “When onboarding takes too long, your customers will seek other solutions. In fact, at some banks, customers abandon up to 90% of new account applications before their completion.”

How do you create simple, smart, intuitive and digital interactions to wow your customers?

Fast inbound and outbound communications to increase responsiveness. Communicating via paper mail can take longer and lead to delayed processes with important information getting lost in the process. Also, paper mail is costly and hard to track.

Switch to digital – communication is delivered to the customer digitally, in an instant, on their preferred device – computer, tablet or phone. They can respond with any information required instantaneously. This speeds up any process such as requests to open a bank account, complaints, claims processing or processing a mortgage application.

Connected systems – Digital information enables a free flow of information between internal and external third-party systems. The free flow of information creates momentum and helps meet tight response SLA’s.

Robust validation processes – Customer onboarding, especially in financial institutions (insurance companies and banks), is highly regulated with ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) requirements before onboarding.  The due diligence required for KYC can be automated.

Watch this video of how we can enable a fully digital onboarding for your customers.



Digital collection of information and automating the validation processes can make the decision making easier for you. Free-up your customer executives to focus on your relationship with the customer rather than being buried in paperwork.

Creating exceptional customer onboarding experiences

“60% of new customers base their buying decision on their onboarding experience”.

Automating your customer onboarding –

  • Empowers your customers by enabling touch-of-button services and improves customer engagement and loyalty
  • Increases the customer lifetime value
  • Enables self-service and customer satisfaction
  • All-time availability via preferred channel – web, paper, or mobile.

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