Hybrid Mail

Digital Post room Save time and resources by centralising mail processing



With Hybrid Mail, both physical and electronic mail can be sorted, processed and distributed in a secure, efficient way.

Varying methods of sending mail mean it can be hard to keep track of all incoming information. Businesses receive documents via post, email, email attachments and other electronic formats.

AAC Systems hybrid mail solutions act as a processing hub treating all types of mail in the same way: capturing and validating data at a fast, accurate pace.  The data obtained from documents is then used to automatically sort and distribute information into document-driven processes or forwarded to the relevant people to process further.

What types of inbound mail can be sorted by AAC Systems Hybrid Mail solution?

  • Physical Mail (Letters)
  • Emails
  • Email attachments
  • PDFs
  • Any other electronic format – fax, EDI etc.

Scan all inbound mail in one go with AACs Hybrid Mail.

All businesses still receive large amounts of paper documentation each day.Hybrid Mail

With current manual processes, members of staff must open, sort and distribute each piece of mail.

This is a tedious, time-consuming task that can be replaced efficient Hybrid Mail processing solution.

AACs Hybrid Mail offers a solution that can scan all mail before then sorting and distributing to the relevant individual or business process.

For example, if an invoice is received in the post, Hybrid Mail will scan the invoice, locate the relevant information (Invoice reference) and then trigger the payment process to be carried out.

Processing electronic mail is efficient.

With the high volumes of digital mail received each day, it can be easy to miss or lose important emails/documents.

Hybrid Mail removes that risk by automatically sending any inbound digital mail to the centralised system to sort and process.

Even if the email contains several attachments, our solutions can sort and recognise the data and flag up any exceptions it finds.

Three key areas where Hybrid Mail can improve your business:


  • Reduced processing time and helps various functions meet tight SLA’s
  • Reduced staff time used to deal with letters and emails
  • No interference with current IT systems


  • Reduced expenditure on printer consumables
  • Reduced hardware costs
  • Eliminate manual time wasted in data entry and manual distribution of data


  • Reduced paper consumption
  • A clear and concise audit trail
  • Centralised hub to manage and extract data

Cutting admin costs can help distribute budget allowances elsewhere.

Local councils spend thousands of pounds a year on the manual processing of incoming mail. With Hybrid Mail, these costs can be significantly reduced, allowing for more focus and funding to be used elsewhere.

Having a centralised facility to automate the usually long-winded manual postal and email routine also saves time without cutting corners.

Having the highest levels of compliance is essential to any business, especially when it relates to customer data, therefore the secure portal provides complete security and confidentiality to meet the required guidelines.

Outbound Mail

Outbound mail automation is important to improve customer service. By automating outgoing information you can further reduce the communication gap between your business and your customer and further improve customer satisfaction. Especially, for public sector correspondence management with citizens can often delay processes.

AAC, with Hybrid Mail Service, you can compose, manage and print your entire organisation’s mail for a lot less than you likely spend today.

Find out how we can help automate the complete in-going and outgoing correspondence, irrespective of the channel or format.

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