Accounts Payable Automation

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It is widespread for Accounts Payable departments to still be using slow and error-prone manual methods of data entry, review, validation and authorisation. Therefore, the costs of processing invoices remain unnecessarily high. Given how critical invoice processing is for your business health, why not adopt a better, faster, more efficient way of processing invoices.

Automate receipt, matching, approval and processing of invoices

With intelligent Accounts Payable Automation from AAC Systems, we make work-life for accounts payable professionals easier. How?

  • Capture invoices from multiple channels – paper, fax, email & portals.
  • Extract relevant data from the invoices – such as invoice number, supplier name, total amount, PO number, date of the invoice.
  • Validate captured information against current system information – for example, identify purchase order numbers, and have the total/line amounts checked automatically against the invoice.
  • Update the information in systems of record such as SAP, Oracle, Sage or any other accounting system.

Why Accounts payable teams love our solution?

  • Eliminate manual tasks: End-to-end automated invoice processing gives accounts payable teams freedom from the manual tasks of checking and validating the information from screen to screen, or from paper to screen.
  • Save time and meet SLAs: It saves time spent in data entry and reduces time being wasted in replying to calls and emails from suppliers chasing payments.
  • Enjoy Discounts: With invoice automation, invoices are checked and validated automatically against a PO, GRN or both, and straight-through processing is enabled. This means you can enjoy early payment discounts.
  • Better Supplier Relations: It also helps foster a good relationship with suppliers and your management or auditors. You can retrieve invoice information quickly and provide complete visibility of accounts.

Why CIO’s and CFO’s love our solution? AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutions

  • Cash flow management – Cash flow management is improved with invoice automation. You get better leverage for early payment discounts. Avoid late payment penalties and even prevent invoices from being paid twice by accident.
  • Enhanced Visibility – Convert all invoices into standard format electronic files. You can access invoice details from a computer at any time, by anyone who is authorised and by multiple people at once.
  • Improved Control – Implement a formal, auditable process for capturing invoices, regardless of format or content, and quickly implement security measures and retention policies to reduce risk of compliance failure.

Why AAC Systems?

Introducing Accounts Payable Automation is the best thing you could do to improve your company’s financial health and AAC Systems will help you achieve that.

Download the guide – “Pitching ROI for Accounts Payable”


It gives you clear guidelines on how to calculate the ROI of an automating your accounts.

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