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The need to operate economically and efficiently, comply with new and existing regulations and standards, meet competitive pressures, and take advantage of growth opportunities are all exerting considerable pressure on insurers.

AAC Systems works with insurance companies to optimise the transformation of policy administration systems and improve the customer experience. We’ve helped many insurance companies successfully manage their documents, improving the efficiency of their business processes and allowing them to benefit from better information management.

Built using the experience of many years designing capture and data flow processes for the insurance sector our solutions will allow you to increase the speed at which critical documents AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutions - Insuranceand correspondence flows from the post-room to the relevant business process.

Our solutions ensure the automated capture of business-critical interactions, regardless of how, where, and when they occur. Once captured, the content of those interactions is automatically classified, extracted, and validated through a fast and touchless process. It’s then inserted into the appropriate business processes, applications, and content repositories.

These solutions also initiate and execute the downstream business processes needed to resolve any inconsistencies that may arise, capture missing or related information, obtain necessary approvals, and act upon the results – all while ensuring consistent application of business rules needed for regulatory compliance and internal governance purposes.

The benefits to insurance companies include:

    • Improved customer relationships
    • Ease of demonstrating regulatory compliance
    • Improved efficiency and cost reduction
    • Fewer errors and higher savings from the automation of workflow and processing of documents

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