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Enable fast processing and distribution of information for business workflows with Intelligent Post Room.

Intelligent post room is a solution to manage this influx of information whether it arrives into your business as paper or email or any other form of digital correspondence.  A lot of business correspondence and transaction processing is still paper-based. Even if incoming documents are “born digital” there is still a case to automate the processing of incoming mail. Why?

Need for speed and accuracy

Businesses require the delivery of the right content to the right people at the right time — often immediately — in context and via the preferred medium. Customers and partners expect business processes to take hours, not days or weeks.

How does a Digital Post Room work?Digital Post room

  • Post is received through multiple channels including mobile devices, web portals, or the postal service. Incoming mail may be in various digital formats, encompassing email (including attached files) and electronic fax as well as paper documents.
  • Paper documents are scanned if necessary. Incoming documents may be structured (e.g., forms, orders, invoices, and statements) or unstructured (e.g., letters).
  • AAC’s Post Room solution automatically analyses, classifies and can prioritise documents, understanding how each item should be handled and/or routed.
  • Useful data is recognised and extracted from the document. This data may also be validated (e.g., against a list of customer names or transactional data within an enterprise system) and routed for further processing and/or to trigger a subsequent step in a workflow.
  • The original correspondence may be stored and/or archived.

Building a case for the intelligent post room

The benefits of a digital post room are –

  • Expediting responses to customers, partners and other parts of the business. It’s estimated that it takes on average 18 minutes to locate a physical document, which can be reduced to seconds with a digital post room.
  • Making information available faster.
  • Improving the efficiency of information-driven processes.
  • Reducing the cost of records management. An intelligent post room can result in a 60-70% reduction in costs associated with record management, giving you an added advantage of reduced risk of damaging or losing paper documents.
  • Improving accuracy of information – Fewer processing exceptions through increased information accuracy. Humans typically misclassify 1-in-20 documents, and manual data entry errors are common.

On average, companies across the UK receive over 3 million items of post per year, and the cost of manually processing incoming mail is estimated at £0.15 – £0.25 per item. The costs of processing outgoing mail can often be even higher.

AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutions - Intelligent CaptureHow AAC Systems can help:

AAC Systems offer an Intelligent Post Room solution that automates the capture of all incoming mail, whether it is delivered on paper, in an email, email attachment or via fax. The ‘Digital Mailroom’ converts it into structured electronic information which can be delivered to workflow processes, business systems and content repositories.

Use the Intelligent Post Room solution to scan & import incoming business mail. A document scanning solution such as this can determine the type of document and relevant data to lift from a page and which business rules to apply for processing, routing and storage of the data.


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