31st March 2016 Posted by David Chescoe

Business Process Intelligence

Optimise your business processes to improve performance, raise customer satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage

With consumer expectations higher than ever due to mobile technology, traditional and start-up enterprises are increasingly turning to Business Process Intelligence (BPI) to raise the quality and efficiency of their administrative and operational processes. But what is BPI and how can it help your organisation?

What is Business Process Intelligence?

In order to retain customers and thrive in this digital age, delivering a consistently reliable, quality service to businesses and individual customers is vital.

To help organisations get ahead, software providers have developed an advanced set of tools designed to support business and IT users and help them to examine and refine the quality of their business processes. These tools or technologies are known as Business Process Intelligence (BPI).Business Process Intelligence

BPI technologies are proficient at managing and analysing a wide range of data collected from individual business processes or workflows used within an organisation. Including information on what work activities exist, which resource carries out a specific activity, the length of time an activity takes to complete, and, if delays occur, the precise point at which they happen.

This intelligence is important as it empowers businesses to identify which scenario delivers the best quality results, where bottlenecks occur and how to optimise processes and transactions in the future.

How can Business Process Intelligence help my organisation?

Accurately pinpointing where business processes can be improved allows you to take action before the quality of your services are undermined and customer SLA (Service Level Agreement) targets are missed.  A truthful, timely insight into how your businesses processes are executed also allows you to make faster, fact-based decisions, enabling you to respond to market changes and customer demands quicker, giving your organisation the competitive edge.

Also with increasing regulatory pressure on businesses to demonstrate how and where data is used, BPI gives greater visibility into your organisation’s activities.

What are the key benefits of BPI?

 Business Process Intelligence offers substantial benefits, including:

  • Improved Business Performance – The ability to monitor and analyse business processes and workflows allows organisations to improve the efficiency of activities, thereby enhancing overall business performance
  • Timely Business Data –  Access to in-depth, real-time data across all areas of the business allows end-users to respond quickly to market changes and gain a competitive advantage
  • Fast Problem Diagnosis – BPI technology flags critical issues, such as a back log, which may affect compliance with Customer SLAs, allowing problems to be resolved before they occur
  • Demonstrate Compliance – BPI efficiently manages and maintains huge volumes of paper and digital records making it easier to demonstrate compliance with industry and government regulations
  • Greater Quality Control – BPI tools can predict where issues might occur and optimise future work flow activities, giving greater control over service quality
  • Consistent Business Data – Process intelligence and analysis is accessible to all business users, ensuring consistent metrics are used across the organisation and easier, collaborative identification of critical issues and growth opportunities
  • Single Solution – Latest BPI software, such as Kofax Insight, provide a complete end-to-end process intelligence solution, eliminating the need for custom scripting or external ETL tools


How we can help

As specialists in data capture and software management, we understand the enormous pressure on organisations to constantly innovate and deliver a richer customer experience.

We’ve helped many process-reliant companies in government, manufacturing, insurance and finance transform the way they work.  As well as helping our clients gain actionable, analytic insights into their business processes, many report a demonstrable return on investment from the improvements made.

To find out how we can optimise your company’s performance with BPI, call AAC Systems today on 01628 421569.

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