1st July 2015 Posted by David Chescoe

Transforming Customer Engagement with Data Capture

Intelligent data capture systems increase customer satisfaction in the Finance & Banking industry

Interactions with customers have become complex and at times frustrating for both company and customer. Additional government regulations have been put in place to help protect consumers and businesses, have produced significant documentation and verification requirements that are adding to operational complexity.

Financial organisations must find ways to engage with their customers and suppliers in the most effective way possible to ensure customer satisfaction and ease of use, while providing internal resources with the tools to capture information accurately, efficiently and securely from any location.

The challenges finance and banking companies face today mainly surround the initial gathering of customer details which can be a labour-intensive and slow process that is prone to errors. This can adversely affect a customer’s perception of your businesCustomer Engagments, damaging credibility.

Outdated, manual approaches to capturing information will not solve these challenges which is why more and more finance and banking companies are looking for multichannel data capture solutions. Web-based and mobile technologies are maturing rapidly, reshaping the way that businesses interact with their customers and suppliers.

AAC Systems offer a multichannel capture platform, where documents and supporting information can be captured at any time, from any location and instantly inserted into any step of the process. This is also a great advantage to organisations who share services. This approach is quicker, cost effective and reduces errors compared to a multi-step capture process that requires users to manually move documents through disconnected and unmanaged channels like fax, e-mail and electronic file shares.

Image capture solutions
There is great potential for mobile image capture solutions to redefine the customer experience. Important data is extracted, enhanced, processed and delivered as a self-service experience, in most cases without requiring the customer to fill in any forms.

Mobile CaptureThere are an increasing amount of retail banks that are now undertaking basic financial transactions using this method.
As an example, instead of manually entering details from a paper bill either into a paper form or online you might want to take a picture and have the relevant data extracted to auto-populate a digital form for payment. Mobile image capture solutions also provide a smart and efficient way of setting up bank accounts by using image capture to extract information from driving licenses or utility bills. Insurance companies and investment banks are also seeing the benefits.


What are the advantages?
1. Improved customer relationship with real time customer engagement
2. Reduction in lead times
3. Reduction in operational costs
4. Reduces or eliminates manual data entry and filing tasks
5. Enables quick identification and highlights the correction of information and documents that have errors or missing information
6. Greater visibility and transparency ensuring compliance and control over documents, information and assessment of records
These benefits ensure finance and banking organisations are positioned for success in the current increasingly competitive economy.

In a recent survey by AIIM it was clear that there is a growing need for intelligent data capture systems within businesses. They stated that nearly 60 percent of respondents said their organisation is working on making greater use of capture in its business processes. A plurality of respondents surveyed by AIIM (approximately 30 percent) stated that they would like their capture system to handle “much more.”

With intelligent data capture solutions organisations can simplify and accelerate information-intensive interactions during customer and supplier engagement. Companies can increase responsiveness, deliver better service, and achieve a competitive advantage—all while reducing operating costs.


How do I find out more?
Data capture solutions have been around for a number of years and it is important to work with a company who have the right experience and are familiar with working in your industry. Technology is constantly changing and data capture will continue to improve and become more advanced.

At AAC Systems we provide leading-edge software solutions that put you in control of your own data and processes. Our flexible operating model allows us to adapt quickly to new technologies, market conditions and regulatory frameworks providing you with an agile and friendly service that guarantees customer satisfaction.

For more information on how AAC Systems can help enhance your customers experience please speak to one of our specialists on 01628 421569.

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