5th January 2016 Posted by David Chescoe

Customer Communications Manager

Increase engagement and meet customer needs across multiple data channels

One of the challenges that many businesses face today is effectively communicating with their customers, partners and other stakeholders when, where and how they would prefer. These challenges are sure to increase during 2016 as technology excels and customer demands increase.
Organisations today are required to find ways to communicate with their customers in the most effective and efficient way possible to ensure complete customer satisfaction, but while also providing business operators with the tools to manage information accurately from a wide range of sources.AAC Systems Ltd - Document Management & Capture Solutions - Process Automation Icon
High quantities and variety of document types that are handled by a business, in addition to the wide range of channels customers use and the sensitivity of data, complicate the communications process throughout.
Customer Communications Manager from Kofax produces, delivers and manages personalised correspondence such as new account opening documents, loan applications and disclosures, draft and final legal contracts, quotes and proposals.

Why use the Customer Communications Manager?
Customer Communications Manager is used by businesses for a number of reasons;
1. You will you be improving the way you communicate with your customers.
2. You will be able to respond promptly to market developments and changing customer needs.
3. You can allow business users to create and manage documents which also takes the strain off IT departments.
4. Customers now expect responses in real-time, documents are automatically produced by sending a request to the server-based communications engine.
5. The ability to simply edit documents and keep previous versions.
6. Manage your documents more effectively with a browser-based designer for communications templates, styling and content allowing you to add additional data, select text and content elements.
7. Minimal IT effort to install, and is easy to use and integrate with existing systems

What are the benefits?
1. Create personalised correspondence tailored to each customer to help strengthen your customer relationships.
2. By automating the customer communications process you will achieve significant time savings.
3. The ability to act quickly and flexibility to customer requests while maintaining control of document processes.
4. Receive data and documents from a wide variety of sources i.e. CRM system, business application or legacy systems to create personalised and intelligent customer communications.

Customers are increasingly willing to switch their loyalty to businesses that allow them to communicate via the channels and devices of their choosing. They are looking for a supplier that is able to interact via informed conversations that relate to individual needs, desires, and relationships.
The Customer Communications Manager solution is a great advantage to those companies that want to truly innovate how they create and deliver services and/or products to meet customer needs and expectations.

How do I find out more about Customer Communications Manager?
If you want to create relevant, accurate and highly personalised content, delivered in a variety of formats including print, PDF, email HTML and XML its time you got your hands on the Customer Communications Manager.
AAC Systems work with companies aiming to optimise the transformation of document and policy administration systems and improve the customer experience. For more information on CCM or how AAC Systems can help please contact one of our experts on 01628 421569.

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