Kofax RPA

Robotic Process Automation


Kofax RPA is an enterprise-class robotic process automation and integration platform that is highly scalable, and flexible, providing all the robotic automation and intelligence capabilities an enterprise organisation requires.


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RPA extracts and integrates data in real time from multiple sources using robots that apply both in-process and post-processing rules. This eliminates the need for labour intensive, manual processes that require logging into multiple internal and external applications and websites to cut and paste data.


Robotic Process Automation helps streamline all kinds of business activities without the expensive and complex development typically required to integrate the flow of information between internal applications and external sources like websites and web portals.


Kofax RPA Use Cases include:

Web Robots – Automate the acquisition and integration of data from websites and portals into business applications i.e. Competitive Intelligence, Fraud Detection and Research.

Process Robots – Automate repetitive, data-driven activities across portals, websites, and internal applications i.e. Supply Chain Automation, Compliance Monitoring and Accounts Receivable.

Content Robots – Automate the migration of content and data from legacy enterprise content management systems i.e. Data Migrations


Robotic Process Automation enables you to create an intelligent digital workforce that works side-by-side with your employees to drive greater efficiency. RPA eliminates almost any manual data-driven activity; intelligent software robots comprising powerful and dynamic process flows automate the tasks that humans would otherwise perform, while complementing other automation platforms.

Kofax’s robotic process automation and integration platform is the fastest and most efficient way to build intelligent robots that handle processing of information from virtually any application or data source, including websites, portals, desktop applications and enterprise systems—without any coding.


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