Kofax VRS

Reduce Preparation Time and Improve the Readability of Scanned Images with Kofax VRS


Kofax VRS (Virtual ReScan) optimises the image quality of documents during the scanning process for better legibility and appearance.

By cleaning the digital images, big improvements can be realised in the capture of business-critical information by increasing the accuracy of optical character recognition (OCR) and handwriting recognition (ICR). In addition, the file size of the resulting images is decreased for reduced storage needs. Kofax VRS

VRS does this by dynamically evaluating each page as it is scanned and automatically applying optimum image settings including clean-up, de-skew, de-speckle, cropping and auto-orientation. This significantly reduces manual document preparation time and the need for re-scans.


Kofax VRS features include:

Auto-Orientation – Simply scan a batch of documents and Kofax VRS will analyse the content and ensure that the image is the right way up.

Hole Punch Removal – Eliminates hole punch markings by filling holes with the surrounding page colour.

Blank Page Deletion – Intelligently detect and delete blank pages when scanning a batch of documents.

Colour Detection – Detect and retain colour in mixed batches of colour and black-and-white documents.

Colour Smoothing – Normalise the background colour of any document or replace it with white.

Automatic Crop and De-skew – Produce each image to the highest possible quality and appearance based on the edges of the original documents.


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